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How To Start Ultralight Backpacking - Tips For Beginners

“Be prepared.” It’s the well-known scout motto but over-preparation can be the downfall of many a first-time backpacker. The temptation to pack everything you’d need to survive can be overwhelming but honestly, you don’t need clean clothes every day or three jackets, just in case, and you definitely don’t need that zombie cleaving hatchet hanging from your pack. Instead of carrying 20kg of unnecessary gear, stick to these tried and tested ultralight backpacking tips. Trust me, your back and leg

21 of the best hikes in Europe

Choosing the best hikes in Europe is no easy feat. After all, this diverse and vibrant continent is home to incredible coastlines, sweeping valleys and jaw-dropping mountain ranges. Whether you enjoy heading out into the hills for the odd day hike or dream of tackling one of Europe’s great walks, we’ve got you covered. The walking trails on this list range from easy to physically demanding, so there’s an option for hikers of all fitness levels and experience. Stretching through some of the be

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Starling Bank Review - The Best Card for Travellers?

When backpacking, there’s nothing like checking your bank account and noticing that your bank has been charging you withdrawal fees to put a downer on your day! Not only have you been paying a transaction fee to the ATM itself (sometimes up to 6 GBP for each withdrawal!) but your own bank (you know the ones who are supposed to be looking after you), have been mugging you off as well! All because you withdrew your own money from a foreign ATM...


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